June 3rd, 2008

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Tuesday Adventures

Some things:

-I am in my office doing schoolwork and annkiri is in the living room editing her Big Bang. And she keeps emailing me. It's hilarious, trust me. (She keeps randomly LAUGHING, it's very distracting!)

-We need a Jensen icon that says "High and Mighty." It needs to be him looking kinda stern or incredulous or like it can't be HIM causing trouble when all he's doing is being adorable and goofy and all crinkly eyed because he's smiling so hard. Ya know?

-Why is Jensen filming MBV in Pittsburgh? I thought it was filming in LA. I'm so confused.

-Jared is hot. And likes Starbucks.


-We spent, I don't know, four hours last night talking about fic and being like "OMG HAVE YOU READ THIS?" and I couldn't believe how many Must Reads B hadn't read and how many of her Must Reads *I* had never read (college AU's, mpreg,werewolves, what?).

AND SO. I think you should tell us the Must Read fics that everyone should read. The ones that you just CANNOT believe someone can exist in fandom and not look at. This includes guilty pleasure fic, serious fic, badfic, porny fic, whatever! You choose!

Your Must Reads!

Your Must Read fics! Show them to me!

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