June 8th, 2008

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

SPN Dallas Con: My Day With Jared

annkiri will write up an amazing recap about the brunch today and about Jared's panel, and I will link you once she does.

But in the meantime...

I want to say that I was really impressed with how Jared made his announcement first thing and got it out of the way. He was clearly nervous about the reaction he would get and sweating like crazy but he was confident in his words and very poised and fair and calm. He encouraged everyone to keep supporting Sandy and made a point to say that they were both ok. I was impressed with him. After he was finished he just looked so relieved and remarked that it was a relief to see us smiling at him.

And of course, everything else he did was charming and goofy and full of dimples and smiles. We were so close to him at breakfast and I pretty much just couldn't look away from his FACE (and abs) the entire time he was talking. Even when we were discussing the weather.

Anywhoo...here are my two unique experiences...

The photo opps were directly after brunch. We went in and I FAILED at reminding annkiri to take her glasses off. *shameface*

Jared already was sitting down, so I just went on over and asked him if he was wearing one of Sam's shirts. He said no and that he'd stolen it out of his brother's closet and that Jeff was going to be mad when he saw him in it. It was adorable. Then we snuggled up and took the picture. Jared was his normal cuddly self and pressed his face against mine so tight that my head is tilted. It's kind of adorable.

I had my hand on his back and he was still sweating quite a bit, poor guy. After, I thanked him for his time and he thanked me for mine. I sort of touched his forearm and was like "we appreciate you" and he smiled big and said thank you. So very sweet!

Jared did autographs after the panel and I had him sign a picture of him with his dogs.

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I asked him if Harley's knee surgery was for a torn ACL. He first said yes but then corrected himself that ACL was the wrong term. I threw in that my dog Val has had ACL surgery done on both her back knees. He began to explain dog anatomy to me (and was quite knowledgeable about it too!) and the words anterior, posterior, cruciate and, uhm, others were used. I think my eyes glazed a little and he laughed and stopped.

I asked how Harley was recovering and he said fine but sometimes if they went on a long run together then Harley would limp for about a day after. He was quick to add that Harley was FINE after that and that it was nothing to worry about.

He gestured to the picture and said that Harley had horse legs and that he weighed 105 pounds. And was kinda dumb. Big and dumb. He sort of laughed and was like "there's just no other way to say it!"

He said he missed the dogs so much and that he hadn't seen them in two weeks. I asked where they were and he said with his parents in San Antonio. I asked when he'd get to see the dogs next and his face lit up as he said "Tuesday!" I love that he knew the exact date. I thanked him for his time and moved on.

All in all, he was as endearing as always and I love him more than ever. Ever ever. No, really.

Per usual, my pictures were...boooo. Let's not even talk about how I cut people's heads off the majority of the time. Whoops. But here are a few that turned out decently.

I hope you enjoy seeing them, I sure enjoyed taking them!

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