June 29th, 2008

SPN: Dean Sam Faded

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Lots of birthdays today! Happiest of them all to lostt1, mkitty3 and pocketfullof. Hope you each have a wonderful, amazing day. Have some cake for me!

I've mentioned before that I really don't spend much time just dorking around on YouTube. Mostly because when I DO, I just end up repeatedly watching things like Jensen Ackles morphing into Jake Gyllenhaal. (It's oddly hypnotizing, don't judge!)

But sometimes I run across GEMS, like this vid, which I'd never seen before and which is SO GOOD.

It's Supernatural, Stanford-era Wincest.

One of the things that most awes me about vidding is when people take existing clips and re-arrange them to make a completely new story. This does that perfectly.

And no one will watch it because I'm posting it on a SUNDAY, but really....it's awesome!

I'm off today to have lunch with my mom and her best friend. Later Gators!
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Card Game

My parents taught me to play this card game today. They called it Roulette but I can't find any card game online called that, so I'm thinking maybe it goes by another name?

Basically, each player has eight cards arranged in two rows. The bottom row you look at once and the top row you don't look at. Then you draw a card and either swap it for an unknown card or discard it and turn up a known card. Queens are like, 20 points and you want to get rid of them ASAP.

And there's more but no one wants to read card game rules.

Anyone have any clue what this is REALLY called? It's fun and I want to play again!
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