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August 3rd, 2008 - follow the road that leads away from everything — LiveJournal
I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.
This is yet another IG album that always will mean college and summer camp to me. Oh we used to listen to this CD on repeat for HOURS.

This is an awesome mix of politics, love lost, hope and lyrics that are really poetry set to music.

A couple of these songs are among my most favorites: Galileo (went to #10 on the billboard charts), Ghost and Virginia Woolf. I also really love Nashville, though it was never a "hit."

And really now, who can resist a symbolic and cryptic song called "Chicken Man"? No one! One of my buddies and I used to discuss the lyrics for this song and for "Cedar Tree" for hoooours trying to make sense of them.

Rights of Passage: Indigo Girls

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This week's Entertainment Weekly has a small recap article on ComicCon.

I scanned it because:
1. A lot of LJers went to ComicCon.
2. It mentions a couple of fandom-ey things.
3. It refers to the Supernatural cast as rock stars!

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