August 11th, 2008

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Olympic Swimmers

I have been hoping for a J2 Olympic swimmer AU, but thus far...nothing. Come on! Jared's already got the body and Jensen would make such a dedicated and motivating coach!

I think a little inspiration may be in order. (Phelps is 6'4" and weighs 195 pounds....sound familiar? His wingspan is 6'7". Holy cow.) How about some pics of three of the US's gorgeous Olympic swimmers?

Collapse )

NOTE: I actually put this picspam together last night well before that INCREDIBLE relay aired.

I've been looking for the clip they played last night that shows the swimmers reactions as Jason Lezak finishes the race, specifically the shot of adorable Garrett Weber-Gale putting his hands alllll over Michael Phelps's naked body (slash-goggles, what?), but alas. I cannot find it!

If you see a clip or you have better YouTube skills than I, link me!

mkay linked me to the clip here, the Weber-Gale moment I mentioned is at about 8:17, though there are, I don't know, a zillion slashy moments. ENJOY.

Also! Swimmer tattoos in comments. YUM.
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