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August 30th, 2008 - follow the road that leads away from everything — LiveJournal
I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.
rheyamorgaine showed me this link for an SPN tie-in product I never thought I'd see:
Sam & Dean's Supernatural Tea.

Sam and Dean are sexy, spicy, gun-toting brothers who fight supernatural evil doers then, just maybe, pause for a spot of tea. Smokey gunpowder for the arsenal in the Impala's trunk; Ginger for their dangerous attitudes and job; Passionfruit for their... mmm.

Contains: gunpowder, ginger, passionfruit

Sounds yummy! Weird and slightly bizarre but...yummy!

Current Mood: thirsty thirsty

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I just spent the last hour talking with annkiri who is driving across the country yet again. She demanded a post mentioning her name, so...*points* She's currently is in El Paso, which is still a full eight hours from Austin, in case you were curious. She promised not to drive on into Mexico. (There are checkpoints, right?!?!) Or to die in the torrential rain. *frets*

I've been watching Dexter all day and enjoying it. I haven't had any trouble getting into it so I don't know what was wrong with me before. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mind frame or something. Who knows?

I went to the library this morning and checked out approximately 700 books and this made me very happy.

No really, that's about it. What's up with you?

Current Mood: worried worried

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