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There is way too much to recap but I had an excellent Christmas and an excellent time with my family. Everyone was in good moods and we all were working hard to get along. It was a great trip!

Some things I want to remember:

  • The second I walked in the door, Addison jumped into my arms and I'm pretty sure she didn't leave them for the next four days.

  • Saturday morning (before we arrived), Andy told Addison they needed to run an errand at PetSmart and when they got there, he let her look at kittens, which he always does. (April's mom has a cat and Addison looooves it.) And then (can you guess?) he told her they could take one home and she FLIPPED OUT. The one they picked is an adorable grey baby with white paws. They named her Belle. (As in "Jingle.") A woman had bought her a few days before and had her spayed and gotten her first shots, bought food, a bed, a scratching post, etc. and then she took the kitten home and her young daughter had an extreme reaction and they ended up in the emergency room. So sadly, the kitten had to go back. But fortunately, that's the one my brother picked! She is so sweet and adorable and smart and already has figured out that when she sees Drew, she should RUN. Haha. I asked Addison what she thought when her Daddy said they were going to get a cat and she said, "He didn't. He said we were going to get something for Cooper (the dog). But he lied." And then she made this AMAZING face, it was pure greatness.

  • I gave Addison art supplies for Christmas and, at one point, I asked her if she was coloring. "NO," she replied. "I'm an artist." Obviously.

  • I brought a coffee cup from Cafe du Monde back from New Orleans for my Dad because I knew it was a place and an experience he would love. And then, I started crying when he opened it and I was trying to explain. I am such a sap.

  • Making a nest in the big armchair for me, Addison, and Drew, and having both kids snuggle with me for a long, long time.

  • Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.

  • On Christmas night, April and I took Addison to see the Chipmunks movie. We went to a fancy-schmancy theater, and Addison flipped up the armrests between our chairs and laid back with her head and shoulders in my lap and her feet in her mom's lap, and stayed that way for the entire movie. BLISS.

  • Candy cane Blizzards. *drooooooool*

  • Mom and I being unable to work Andy's complicated coffee maker, resulting in me having no caffeine for an hour before someone else got up. (My Dad: "I would have woken me up. Seriously.")

  • Teaching Drew to say "I want coffee."

  • Addison begging to be tickled, multiple times. Sometimes by Dad and I both, at once. I never have met a kid who likes to laugh as much as she does. Amazing.

  • Excellent Christmas Eve dinner out at a new place. I had this baked goat cheese appetizer that was served with roasted garlic cloves, whole walnuts, nommy toast, and honeyed green apples....DIVINE.

  • I do a thing with Addison where I ask her "Who loves you the most?" and she says, "Wendy does!" I have done this with her since she was an infant. On the day after Christmas, we were leaving the restaurant and I was holding her, (she's really too big to be carried, but she loves to be held and I love to do it, so there you are), and she leaned over and whispered right into my ear, "Aunt Wendy, who loves you the most?" I pointed to her, kind of surprised as she's NEVER asked it back before. She nodded and grinned all shy and I hugged her tight and choked back tears. (Obviously, this is my new fave memory of all time.)

  • WHICH REMINDS ME. Addison and Drew always have called me "Wendy" and, for some unknown-to-me reason, on this trip they called me "Aunt Wendy" the entire time, and I LOVED IT.

    Christmas itself was awesome, everyone liked what I gave them, and I loved what everyone gave me. But physical presents pale in comparison to so much love from my babies and my family. ♥

    Got home yesterday evening and I'm back to work today. Hope all is well in your worlds and that everyone had a great holiday!!

    "If you have love in your life, it can make up for a great many things that are missing. If you don't have love in your life, no matter what else there is, it's not enough."
    --Ann Landers
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