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I now would like to discuss New Year's Eve. It's not my favorite special occasion. It's a total non-holiday really, and no matter how I decide to celebrate, it always feels like a letdown. Last year I was unemployed and depressed and lonely, and I chose to be alone on NYE and it SUCKED. Too much time in my own head, you know?

So this year I decided to at least leave the house a little bit (even though my definition of activity varies widely from the masses -- don't judge.) I'm very tired and really just want to sleep and read fic and set up my new printer, so I decided to take a half day off work on NYE. Then, I'm going to wander over to my parent's house for the afternoon, have dinner, and then head home around dark-ish, get in my PJs, and watch DVDs until midnight, at which point I give both my dogs belly rubs and go straight to sleep.

So, that was the plan.

Then, Mom got a bee in her bonnet to have a party and invited 30 people over to her house. Which, is totally her right! I hope they have a blast! But I do not want to go!! It's just too many people I don't know and I don't want to deal with having to be super upbeat and helpful and ON for hours, and I really just want to go to bed about 6 p.m. and call it a year and now I CANNOT.


What are you doing for NYE? Any fabulous plans? Fun traditions? Excellent cocktails that taste like candy? Do you stay up to midnight? Drink champagne? Throw confetti?

Tell me everything. Inspire me! Maybe you'll give me a new and awesome idea.

Also, if you're bored, don't forget that insmallpackages still is open until January 6. None of my prompts have been completed and, selfishly, I want them all done! GO DO 'EM!! *grin*

I have thoughts on resolutions and moving forward in 2012, but that'll all come in a different post. Now? It's fic-reading time. *happy dance*
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