January 16th, 2009

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Family Remains

Does Sam even HAVE a storyline this season? I mean, beyond looking mournfully at Dean every now and then...

Also, sadly, I'm starting to lose sympathy for Dean. I am right on the edge of "I don't care anymore" about him. And I HATE THAT. I don't want it to be that way. Just...DO something about it already or shush it up. Or, maybe, take the amnesia pill that helped Sam get over being dead and resurrected/offering his soul to demons/being in line to lead all of Hell, etc. (even Hell is focused on Dean this season!)

I love the show, I DO. But I just get, ARG, frustrated with it sometimes.

Frankly, I think what they're doing to both Sam and Dean this season borders on character assassination. Who ARE these people??

Oh and in case you missed it the last four seasons: Sometimes good people do bad things. *drops anvil*

*bangs head on desk*

But, whoooooboy did Sam look HOT AS FIRE, per usual. Man, clearly Jared eats his Wheaties. *swoon*

NOW. I have a MBV ticket in two hours and can't waaaait to focus on gorgeous Jensen, on the big screen! *beams*
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Jensen MBV Premiere

My Bloody Valentine! In 3-D!

Have just come from seeing My Bloody Valentine and I must confess...I really liked it. Like, A LOT! I was totally engaged the whole time. I KNOW! It was a surprise to me too!!

I've not seen the original and hadn't read anything about the plot, so I went in totally blind. And there were TWO plot twists that caught me totally off-guard. I WAS IMPRESSED.

And Jensen did a REALLY good job with his character, Tom. I would have liked more back-story on him, but that's a writing error, not an actor error. Tom is very, very different from Dean, and Jensen did an awesome job being someone different. (I never thought "DEAN" while watching.)

Also, he looks tall and gorgeous and powerful and strong and RAWR in every scene. Yum. AND. For the majority of the movie he's wearing a hoodie, with the hood pulled out over his coat, which is my FAVORITE. I have such a secret kink for that look. MMMMMMM.

I mostly consider 3-D to be a gimmick and it didn't really add anything SPECTACULAR to the plot, imo. (Though, once, gore flies straight at the screen and I, uhm, maybe screamed outloud a little. And failed in my seat a bit. SO EMBARRASSING.)

In conclusion: I'd watch it again. YAY JENSEN.

Once you've seen it, come tell me your thoughts! Let's DISCUSS.
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