January 26th, 2009

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Need Your Help!

Two things.

First, weesta is doing a really neat thing: fab_feb_friends. Basically, it's a two week-long chance to let your flist know how much you love them. A little Friends List Appreciation, if you will. I think it'd be amazing if as many people as possible participated, so...go join!

Second, I was chatting with fangirls last night and they were talking about their favorite fics. I did a poll (once-upon-a-time) asking authors what their most favorite thing they'd ever written was (how awkward is THAT sentence?), but when I looked back at it last night, it's MULTIPLE years old. Very out-of-date.

And so!


What's your most favorite thing you've ever written? Is it the thing that got the most comments or something no one really seemed to read? Is it porny? Is it flowery? WHY is it your favorite thing?

Will you link me to it?

Poll #1337795 You better check yourself before you...
This poll is closed.

...rec yourself.

Oh I slay myself with humor.

If you wanted to leave a comment and explain WHY it's your fave, that'd be awesome. But it isn't mandatory. I'll do a recap list later this week.

Please play. The more links, the better this will work. And don't you WANT my project to be successful???? *guilts you*
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SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Kim Manners

A variety of people already have linked this, but...

From Jim Beaver's myspace page:

"Jim is in mourning for one of the best friends and best directors he's ever known -- Kim Manners, who died last night from lung cancer"

I'm just in shock. This is a really sad thing.

ETA: marishna just pointed out that lung cancer also is what Jim's wife died of. UGH. I just. Man.
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