February 19th, 2009

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

this reminded you of me

Soooo...you know that meme where you comment and people tell you some things that remind them of you and then you post about them? This is that.

I combined the items given to me by delicatelight, arabella_hope and annella because I am a rebel. (Also because there were duplicates.)

1. Samuel Winchester: SAMMY. I love Sam Winchester. I have absolute faith in him and probably am the only person in fandom who doesn't want him to go darkside. I do think Sam can fight the evil. I've said for years that Sam would end up saving the world and I believed it all the way up to this season. Now that Kripke is writing season four as a Dean Love Letter, I could be mistaken. But it's still my HOPE. I still believe in Sam's goodness and strength.

I also love that when Sam had the chance to do anything at all with his life, he chose law school, which I often have said is just the smarty-pants version of saving people and making sure evil things can no longer hurt innocent people.

I love Sam's love and devotion for his brother. And I love that he has a mind of his own. I also love his abs. And his hands. His legs, back and stomach. His FACE. Pretty much all of him. ALL OF HIM.

2. Sam Winchester's hair: Speaking of things I love about Sam! I love Sam's hair. I've never not loved it and feel rather protective of it, to be honest. It's gorgeous and I want to touch it all the time. *moan*

3. Peppermint Mochas: I very rarely drink peppermint mochas because the syrup is too sweet. (All Starbucks syrup is too sweet, in my opinion.) But sometimes I'll have one around Christmas-time when I get sucked in by the peppermint propaganda. Peppermint mochas always make me think of phaballa, since they are her Starbucks drink of choice. (I also know annkiri and offtheceiling's default SB drinks. Is that strange?)

4. Dirty Sexy Money: I so wanted to like this show! I loved the characters and saw great shipping potential between the twins. But then it was canceled and I disengaged. Sadly. Hey, did we ever find out who killed Dutch?? I'd like to know!

5. Jared Padalecki: Awww, Jared. The man who ruined me for all other men. He gorgeous, funny, smart. He has DIMPLES. He laughs with his entire body. He loves his dogs and his family. I have to be careful or I swoon when I talk about Jared. I've been lucky enough to meet him a few times in person and he impresses me every single time.

Y'all. I kind of have a crush on him. *hides face* I can't help it. I want him to be mine!

6. Handcuffs: Speaking of being mine...handcuffs! There is nothing sexier to me then placing yourself at someone's mercy. I love the weight of handcuffs in my hands, I love the sounds they make clinking against wood. I love to read fic about people using handcuffs as symbols of trust, submission and love. I find it SO SEXY on both a physical and emotional level.

There hasn't been any new handcuff fic in a long time. THERE SHOULD BE SOME NEW FIC!

7. Margaritas (Chili's, specifically): I love margaritas, in general, and Chili's margaritas in specific. I don't know what they do but I could drink gallons of those suckers. They taste soooo good and I love the warm slowness that comes when I drink them. Chili's margaritas also always make me think of Angie and I have to text her whenever I have one. It's tradition! Yum.

8. Roller Derby: I LOVE ROLLER DERBY. I purely function as a spectator but I followed the Dallas team for several years because I had a co-worker whose wife played on the team. I love drinking beer and cussing and yelling and just getting all my aggressions out. I love seeing tough, strong women be physical, while also being beautiful. I find roller derby very empowering. I didn't get to go to many games last season and I missed it a lot. Hopefully this year will be better!

9. Tattoos: I love tattoos. I think that what people chose to permanently add to their bodies says something significant about them. Tattoos are sexy. I especially love tats on men and they take my mind to dirty, dirty places.

I have two tattoos of my own. One which is very meaningful to me and a second that is less meaningful, but still important. I'd like more.

10. Fangirl shirts: I don't know exactly what this is in reference to! I love shirts that are fandom-related (even vaguely) and wear them all the time. I have about a zillion. It's like taking a piece of fandom around with me when I go out into the real world. I have some that are pretty straight-forward (the Impala) and some that are inside jokes (OMGCAKETHXBYE!) and some that just remind me of fandom-ey things (I am so not part of this!). I have a secret hope that some day, someone will recognize my shirt, strike up a conversation and then I'll make a new friend. But alas. That has not happened so far. My shirts make me HAPPY.

11. Jared&Jensen: My OTP! If I need to explain this then you haven't been paying attention. *grin*

12. Converse: I love Converse! I currently have about six pairs, which I wear all the time. I have worn them with suits, with jeans, with PJs. I've worn them since high school and always will. I even had an ex-boyfriend who called me "Chuck" because of my Converse.

For Christmas, my brother and SIL bought Addison tiny pink Converse especially so she could be just like Aunt Wendy! I keep meaning to take a pic of our feet both in pink Converse, but we haven't yet overlapped on the wearing.

13. Addison: My sweet baby niece. She owns my heart! I don't really like kids in general and never expected to be so attached to her, but I am. I absolutely would do anything for her. She means the world to me and getting to watch her grow up and learn and discover already has been the true adventure of my life.

In addition to the shared pink Converse obsession, Addison and I also have the same middle name. :)

PLEASE NOTE: I'm totally cheating and refusing to give things to people in comments because I'm going to be in Dallas all day.

BUT! If you're dying for some items, here are five things that remind me of my buddies on LJ: 1. Hearts. 2. Sexy boys. 3. Smart, creative women. 4. Hotel rooms. 5. Awesome memories.

Feel free to expand on any or all of these. PICSPAMS OPTIONAL!
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