March 13th, 2009

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Hi there Friday!

So, my computer monitor won't turn on at all now. I'm going to take it to my Dad's this weekend so we can determine if it's actually a monitor problem or a computer problem. Cross your fingers for a monitor prob because then all I have to do to fix it is buy a new one. A computer prob will require leaving my box with the repair people for a week or so and I'd REALLY like to avoid that.

Anyway, I'm on my laptop now but will probably be somewhat scarce today (not that anyone is taking attendance.) This weekend, I'm going to College Station on Saturday for Addison's second birthday party there and then I'll spend Sunday and Monday with my parents in FW. Our plans are CostCo, eating, and watching movies. I am excited!

I got my hair cut yesterday and it is waaay too blonde. (Liz, your chick couldn't see me until April, so I saw my old person one last time, URGH. This is my punishment for waiting until the last minute, isn't it?) Anyway, I'm sure it'll grow on me once I learn to ignore it properly.

Where are my Bones girls? phrenk? poor_choices? *raises one finger* I think I would like some icons. Are there good comms anywhere? ALSO. *raises a second finger* I had a sexy dream last night that I will not be recounting, BUT, which is demanding that I read some Bones fic. Do they call Booth/Brennan "B2"? Does a fandom for this show exist? Do B2 ever make out in canon? Can I stand the sexual tension if they NEVER DO? Will Booth EVER take his shirt off? Pleeeease?


*whisper* You've got a great ass.

Thank you SO MUCH for all the comments over at the love meme. Real life is REALLY stressful right now and it was such a BOOST to come home yesterday and see all of that. Seriously, I appreciate you guys so much. If there ever is anything you need that I can provide, please holler. (I feel very Andy Dufrain right now.)

ANYWAY! It's Friday. *throws confetti* Let's make this an awesome day! GO FOR IT.
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