April 29th, 2009

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it's the climb

I was going to write up a detailed report about my awful trip to the dentist yesterday, but now I feel too lazy. The wrap up is that I had to have impressions made and the woman doing them had NO IDEA what she was doing and I could have taken better impressions of my OWN teeth. She was appalled I had all my wisdon teeth and actually asked me if I wanted to have them removed, she cut the inside of my jaw, she wouldn't listen when I told her a regular sized tray wouldn't work AND she got the impression goop alllll over me, even in my HAIR.

I was unimpressed.

Yesterday I also emailed my stats prof and said I was unhappy with my grade and asked if there was any chance of extra credit. She said no but to focus on my final stats assignment as it could raise my grade (because it counts more than the others.) And you know, THANKS BUT! That stupid stats assignment is what prompted me to ask about extra credit because it is HARD and I don't know how to do it and AHHHHHHH. I HATE THIS CLASS.


Today I am making a delicious spinach and roasted red pepper quiche for lunch. Then I am going to do a delightful brownie experiment. It will be a good food day!

There have been SO MANY Big Bangs already turned in! I am in awe! It's a bit amazing, honestly! GO FANDOM.
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Jared Padahipbone

Challenge for you!

I was looking through some old journal entries (still avoiding stats!) and a year ago today I posted this image:

Image by dodger_winslow.

AND I STILL LOVE IT SO MUCH. And I remember how fun that day was because LJ was just PAPERED with hot pictures of Jared from that photo shoot and AHHHHH!

I am unexpectedly BURSTING with J2 love right now anyway, so....

I challenge everyone who sees this to post a gorgeous picture of Jared or Jensen (or both!) in your LJ today.

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