June 22nd, 2009

SPN: Brothers

I started thinking out loud

I have become the World's Worst Commenter. I don't know how this happened! So not on self, so not on.

Is anyone else watching Nurse Jackie? I kinda really like it. If only for the line "I like quiet. Quiet and mean. Those are my people." I balked at first because the premise looks so much like a female House, but it is waaay more different than I anticipated. I'm hooked, I think! I want to see what she does next!

Every year on the Fourth of July, I go to Santa Barbara and visit mandyremains and radioactivclown. And this year, I cannot go. When I came to that decision, I was sad and disappointed, but...these things happen. However, as July 4 gets closer and closer and it's really sinking in that I'm really Not Going...I'm just feeling more and more crushed about it. I miss Mandy and Luis SO MUCH. *super sadface*

I'm thinking about maybe watching Wimbledon this year. Please weigh in flist....televised tennis: fascinating or boring?

This week for my children's lit class, I have to go observe storytime programs, which is fun and a little exciting. Tonight I'm going to a YA book group that's talking about Harry Potter! I'm maybe a little jazzed!

Got to see my family yesterday, of course. It was my Mom's birthday in addition to being Father's Day, so it was very festive. Lots of presents and cake! Shockingly, Addison was made out of adorableness. She let me read her three stories, which is good because she's been waaaay too wiggly for that the last few months. She also is obsessed with being tickled. She loves it and will beg me to tickle her neck. Crazy! Mom says all little kids like to be tickled though, that everyone loves to laugh. :)

August 25 will be Drew's birthday.
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