June 24th, 2009

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

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I just wrote a paper about illustrations in children's books and included the word "Llama" 38 times. No really, I counted. My brain has been made mush by a book designed for four-year-olds.

Last night I observed a family storytime about PIRATES.

No y'all, this plus Big Bang is seriously what my life is right now. 0_0

I am counting the minutes until lunchtime when I shall make scrabbled eggs of epic proportions. There will be freshly roasted red and orange pepper (which I made myself), sauteed onions, fresh spinach, and chunks of cheese. I have avocado too, but that might be overkill. I ate this yesterday and it pretty much was the best thing EVER.

Lots of things are wearing my nerves this morning, so I'm going to read a Big Bang and drink a Dr Pepper and roll around in the awesomeness that is Not Having a Job right now and just relax.

Tell me something awesome that you're doing with your day. (Bonus points if you also can include the word "llama".)
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Jared Belt Buckle

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The Food Network (CRACK) is doing this new show called "The Best Thing I Ever Ate." Each episode is themed and Food Network chefs and personalities talk about their favorite whatever-the-theme-is. Then, the cameras go to that restaurant and show you how it's made while the chef describes it in detail. Basically, it's food porn.

Anyway, the one I just watched was about BBQ. And both Duff Goldman and Bobby Flay chose The Salt Lick in Austin. And Ted Allen chose a place in Euless. This makes me oddly proud. I don't even eat meat, but I would go (and have gone) to Salt Lick just for the potato salad and peach cobbler.

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