September 6th, 2009

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

show me what you can do

I have a couple of things to tell you:

  • So, meltingconfetti did this awesome Sam/Dean vid called Give it up for me, please. I love it and want it on my ipod. Has anyone converted it? PLEASE!

  • dramaa_princess did this freaking awesome Salute To Supernatural Convention 2009 in Vancouver Art Post and I loooooove it. Just what I have been wanting!

  • Show me your dorky/funny icons of Jared, Jensen, Sam and Dean. I need humor today!

    I've been thinking a lot lately about attention spans, and how I barely have one anymore. The other day, I was thinking about making an LJ post and it seemed like a lot of effort, so I just put a sentence on Twitter and called it a day.

    And then? I realized that Twitter is ruining my attention span for communicating with you guys. I mean, HEAVEN FORBID that I write three consecutive sentences instead of only two! I went back and looked at my emails over the last few weeks and even THEY are shorter than usual. That's uncool.

    Now, I've grown to like Twitter much more than I ever expected and it is easy and fun to just be able to blast something off on my phone sometimes. But I'm curious to see if it really is distracting me from expressing myself in other mediums. Maybe it does, maybe it has nothing to do with anything. (So many people on my flist seem to have writer's block right now, maybe something also to consider?)

    Anyway, I'm going to put myself on Twitter hiatus for a week, starting today. Probably no one will notice or care as I am a sporadic Twitter-er anyway. But I'm really curious to see how it impacts me. EXPERIMENT!

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