November 9th, 2009

Jensen MBV Premiere

Jensen and Danneel

Per usual, I see lots of people flipping out about the possibility of wank, but no actual wank. Always amusing. BREATHE DEEP GUYS!

I'm super happy for both Jensen and Danneel and sincerely wish them all the happiness in the world. I love them both and am happy and excited for them both.

I also will admit I'm a little sad from a fandom perspective. I know from past experience (David Boreanaz, Dominic Purcell) that I have a tough time reading slash about married guys. (I did ok with Tom Welling for about a hot minute, but now? Nope.) Yes, this makes me sad as I love reading J2 immensely. *shrug* Ahhhh well.

There is one lingering question for me though. Is Danneel a natural redhead? 'Cause I'm almost certain I can see roots in some of her pics. (OMG, not bashing. I dye my hair too you guys.) But I keep seeing exclamations of "redheaded, green eyed babies!!" and I wondered. Yup, I'm validated. She's a natural brunette.

(Seriously....all the happiness in the world. Real life is real life y'all.)
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Entertainment Weekly did a behind-the-scenes candid picture thing with the Bones cast and it's freaking awesome!

Especially note the amazing pic of David and Emily being adorable together and the shot of Delay (Sweets) licking a prop body part model. Heee!

(I suppose one of these pics could be considered spoiler-ey, so there's that.)

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Quote of the Day

"Forgiveness is not much of a concept without something for which to forgive and be forgiven. Healing has no meaning in the absence of illness. Peace is no treasure at all to those who have known no war and no strife. Saying hello has no joy in it without the saying of good-bye."
--Robert Benson