December 7th, 2009

J2 So Much Mileage

2009: Jared and Jensen

On phrenk's holiday wish list, she asked for: A picspam of Jared and Jensen from this past year. I've been neglecting J2 since I fell in love with Arashi and I would love to see some of the best things that you've seen!


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Clearly, that is that's only a couple of their best pics though. What's your favorite Jared or Jensen pic from 2009? SHOW ME.
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SPN: Sam Book

two plus two

Two things I learned while reading wikipedia at work:

  • Though Christian Kane is a guitar player as well as a singer, it is his KANE band mate Steve Carlson that lends his hands for the performance shots during the Caritas scene in "Dead End". (On Angel.)

  • The Bible verse written on the chalk board by the priest is Revelation 15:1. "I saw in heaven another great and marvelous sign: seven angels with the seven last plagues -- last, because with them God's wrath is completed." (From the Buffy episode "Hush"....but I'm mostly interested in it being the ANGELS who are bringing the plagues and wrath and stuff.)

    And, I have two book recs for you!

    The Maze Runner by James Dashner: This book is a cross between Hunger Games, Lord of the Flies and Lost. No, REALLY. It's so engaging, I read it before bed, in two nights. The story ends very abruptly as it's part of a trilogy (the second and third book aren't out yet). The whole plot is twisty, but there's a reveal in the last two sentences that made me gasp out loud. SO GOOD. Go get it, read it, come back and discuss with me!!

    Second is Looking for Alaska by John Green. I am freaking IN LOVE with John Green. His writing is amazing, he's a fascinating person, and he always makes me think. I just fangirl him beyond measure.

    A repeating theme in his books is that we see other people as a reflection of ourselves and that you never really know anyone else, partially because you only see the pieces they choose to show you, and partially because of that self-filter. It fascinates me, and it's so very true, really.

    This particular book also tackles the meanings of life and death and about what comes after. There are some sad parts (normally not my thing), but even then I was riveted to the story. Instead of numbering the chapters as Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc., everything is centered on this one event, and all the chapters are named in relation to that event, such as 212 Days Before, 47 Days Before, Two Days After, 83 Days After, etc. And I've been thinking about THAT concept a lot too. All of life, really, is measured in Before and After. You just never know what that Big Event is until it happens. I could be Five Days Before right this very second! And hopefully, what happens in the book never happens to any of us, but life is about those moments, those things that happen in a second, and alter everything. It's really kind of cool to think about. Green always creates these complex and flawed characters, I want to know these people, I want to BE them.

    Awesome, awesome book. I have An Abundance of Katherines on my bedside table to read next, but I kind of don't want to. Because once I do, I won't have anymore John Green books left to read, and then I'll be sad.
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