December 8th, 2009

Up In the Sky

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On why_me_why_not's holiday wish list, she asked for: MUSIC MIXES! Yall, I love music. And I love hearing what yall are listening to. SHARE!

I had two ideas for this (both rather lame, sadly) and couldn't decide, so I just uploaded both.

FIRST! I am one of those annoying people who wakes right up in the morning. My alarm goes off and I get up, get dressed, take care of the dogs, make some tea, get in my car, pull out of the driveway...

And then.

This is where the problem happens.

Since 2003, I've had a long commute to work. From 45 to 75 minutes, one way. When I get in the car, I have a bit of highway hypnosis and sort of....drift. If I let that happen, then I'm sleepy and tired, grouchy and a bit out of it by the time I get to work. BUT!! If I can make myself wake up and focus, then I arrive at work happier, and ready to face the day.

My solution? MUSIC. My current Drive to Work Mix is all bad rap. And Kelly Clarkson. I don't know. But it really gets me going in the mornings. It is mandatory that you turn up the volume on the radio loudly enough to sing without hearing yourself. And, to get the full effect, you really need to choreograph some driving-friendly dance moves to go along with the tunes too.

Wake Me Up, It's a New Day!

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For the second mix, I wanted to do the top 30 songs most frequently played on my ipod. Well, that turned out to be a HILARIOUS list, I kind of love it. All of these songs are from several years ago, when I traveled all the time and would listen to the same ten songs on repeat for five hour plane rides two or three times a month.

An also fun fact about my questionable music taste is that all of these songs (except the two IG songs) are fandom-related to me, in some way. SO, it's like a little trip down memory lane for me. Which always is fun!

Yay music?

Over and Over and Over and...

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