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Sunday Recs: 2 J2 + much misc.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun NYE celebration. Here's to a fabulous 2012!

  • Long Hard Ride Master Post by zubeneschamali -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 18,000 and counting) -- Warrior!Jared and chieftain!Jensen on the steppes of an AU world, meeting in battle and turning into something much more.

  • Six Hundred to Graceland by riyku -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 7,300 words) -- Sometimes you don't know where you're going until you're already half the way there.

  • Supernatural Wiki's Supernatural Top Ten for 2011 by missyjack -- Highlights from the show, cons, and fandom from 2011.

  • tjournal pointed out this super cool article from Library Journal: Bodice rippers without the Bodice - Ten Male on Male Romances for the Core Collection

  • Excellent blog post about forgiveness.

  • Lessons about friendship learned from an introvert.

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