January 2nd, 2010

SPN: Dean Loves Lists

2010 To Do List

Hi guys! Remember me? Normally I would write a meaningful into to this post but I am TOO TIRED TO LIVE and I don't want to wait any longer to post it.

This year I decided to again make a To Do List in place of resolutions. You know I love a To Do List! This is meant to help me work on myself, and on my life, as well as reaching goals and finding perspective. And some things are just for fun. This year will continue to be about me defining ME, in all ways.

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A couple corollary goals for the immediate future:

1. Sleep more. Every day would be awesome.
2. Read some fic again. Soon. And often. I miss it.
3. Become an active LJ community member again. Actually talk to my friends! *covers mouth* Revolutionary idea, I know. It will occur again, I promise!
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