April 25th, 2010

SPN: Sam Cuddle With Me Dean

Sunday Recs: Two SPN + One J2

It's Sunday! I've had a lot of caffeine! How about some fic recs?

  • Come Stay by kelleigh -- (Sam/Dean, 2,600 words, R) -- Dean always thought they had to settle in order to settle down.

    I really love this whole fic, it's gorgeous and full of calm intensity. And, the quiet way they just mean everything to each other...it's perfect.

  • Pie In The Sky by flawedamythyst -- (Sam/Dean, 18,565 words, NC-17) -- Future fic about the boys finding their way in the world, and with each other.

    This is just an awesome, fun fic that feels good to read.

  • Butterflies and Hurricanes by audrarose -- (Jared/Jensen, 13,000 words, R) -- Genetically-enhanced psychic assassins. And also schmoop.

    Really, do you need more than the fic description?!?! *grin*

    Go read! Enjoy! Happy Sunday!