June 10th, 2010


I used to be a spy

Soooo. Burn Notice. I started watching it yesterday . I LOVE IT! It's so good! I immediately felt connected and I like that it's unique but also familiar. (Really!) And the main character is pretty easy on the eyes too. YAY NEW SHOW TO CATCH UP ON! I've only got the first disc from Netflix but more will be mine!! BURN NOTICE.

Yesterday was my cooking day and I made a simple pasta sauce from scratch. It was very basic (only took about ten minutes total) but so good! And I've never made that myself before so I was pleased to find it was so easy AND tasted better than the jarred stuff.

I also made homemade croutons (from a recipe girlguidejones found for me) and they are amaaaazing. I've been saving the heels from my bread loaves, which I don't eat, and freezing them until I had enough. I used those for the croutons, so I feel very thrifty for making something SO GOOD from something that normally would have just gone into the trash.

AND, many months ago my mom had given me a bag of frozen grilled zucchini. I don't even know how long that's been in my freezer. Anyway, I thawed it, coated it all in melted butter and oregano, laid it out in a pan, covered it in fresh, grated parm and baked until it all was golden brown. To be honest, I ate so much I got a stomach ache. I just could not stop, it tasted so yummy!

Who wants to come over for dinner?? I've just discovered my cooking groove (we all nest in different ways, ok??) and all my family has stopped eating. It's no good for me! I need to feed people! Come over and eat with me!

Today I also have my very first pre-LASIK appointment, so that's pretty exciting. They said it would last two hours (!) and that my eyes will be super dilated, so I'm not, you know, looking forward to THAT, but it is happy-inducing to finally be starting the process.

I want new icons.

Onward and upward.
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