June 11th, 2010

J2 Looking

I've got my eye on you! Plus J2 are sexy beasts.

1. I had my eyes dilated yesterday and they still are dilated today and I still cannot SEE. It's frustrating, ok? *mini-flail* I finally have free time and all I want to do is spend it reading Big Bangs but I can't read very much yet. *stomps feet*

2. Yesterday enablelove and I were talking about werewolf and (to a lesser extent) vampire fics where Jared and Jensen are all RAWR YOU ARE MINE and mates and sexy and protective and obsessive and whatever. There should be more of those.

Can you recommend any awesome J2 werewolf or vamp fics? Pretty please? I only can think of one each. Bodyguard fic might work too. If you guys suggest more, I'll do a master list for us to enjoy.

What do you say? Jared and Jensen! Werewolves! GO!!
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