June 15th, 2010

It's Always Worth It

there's nothing you can't do

I got smacked right in the face this morning with my own hypocrisy over a situation. I just sat here at my desk for a good 20 minutes trying to reconcile the two POVs and nope, cannot do it. Such an uncomfortable feeling. But if I believe strongly in Point B, which I do, then I have to back down on Point A, which I will. Learn, define, refine.

Growth is not an easy process. I make mistakes, so does everyone. The trick is in learning and changing. I'm trying.

Yesterday I had to go into downtown Fort Worth for a just a short period of time. I decide not to park in the garage (costs four dollars!) and to instead try to find an open meter on the street, since I wouldn't be there very long. I did find one (WOOHOO!) and was pulling in when this man came running up to me, gesturing wildly and insisting I "park over there!!" English was not his first language but it eventually became clear that he had time left on his meter, so he wanted me to take his space. Which I did, and he had an hour left! AWESOME. Small thing but getting free downtown parking just started my whole day off right!

I took a typing test for a clerical job yesterday (HAHA) and scored 50 WPM, which is not stellar. But anyone who has seen me type knows that really IS pretty impressive as I'm the world's worst typist EVER. Alas, probably not good enough for the job, but a personal victory none-the-less.

And! I got AWESOME, AWESOME mail yesterday, which I still do a little internal squeeeeeeee whenever I think about it. *bounces*

Today I am meeting with the surgeon's people to go over all my pre-op stuff! Starting to get reallllly nervous. I wish they could just knock me out for this but alas, they will not. Still, it's just an hour of stress and then that part is over and hopefully my recovery will be less traumatic that my last eye surgery, and then I'll be on the road to wellness. Rambly sentence is rambly, I don't even know.


I guess that's all. I'll post again in the morning, before I leave. You know, in case I'm blinded and never can use a computer again. (Too soon for gallows humor?)

Later gators! Have an awesome day. Work to make it be one.
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