June 21st, 2010

Up In the Sky

there's always gonna be another mountain

I am attempting to dip my toe back into LJ because I miss you guys SO MUCH! But it's slow going as I still really cannot see well. The surgeon measured my vision today at 20/80, which is an improvement over my starting 20/600, but is uncorrected (no glasses or contacts) so still mostly equals me being blind. I'll spare y'all the long explanation (I'm bored with this topic, I know you must be too), but he assures me everything is fine and my blahblahblah complications just need more time to heal.

I'm going to attempt going back to work tomorrow, which should be an adventure on many levels. I'm on the calendar for 20 hours this week, which is not at all what we discussed. But, I've been MIA from life in general, so I really don't know what's going on. Guess I'll find out tomorrow!

I'm also absolutely DESPERATE to see mandyremains. SOON, MANDYBEAR. VERY SOON.

Yesterday my brother came and picked me up for Father's Day dinner, which was super sweet. I was just planning to skip it, but Dad said the point of Father's Day is to have all your children there, so my brother agreed to come get me. Mostly, I think he just wanted to visit the Bass Pro Shop near my house, but WHATEVER! I got to go.

Addison and I sang Old McDonald's Farm for nearly 30 minutes, it was awesome. Irritating my brother was a mere bonus. *grin* Drew's birthday is in August and Addison is having a wee bit of trouble with the concept. She really wants it to be HER birthday. I asked her how old Drew would be and she said four. I shook my head and she said (and seriously, I'm quoting): "Look Wendy, as soon as I'm all done being three, then I'll be four."

YES YOU WILL SWEETHEART. Ahhhh. So much love.

Have watched several movies recently. And by "watched," I really mean that I laid on the couch and listened to them, so take these reviews with a grain of salt. "Outsourced": awesome and hilarious and made me want to visit India. It had that sort of ending where it just...ends, I find that really annoying but it seems to be ~~trendy at the moment. Also saw "Planet 51", which was fairly entertaining. Animation is not good for non-seeing eyes though. Also say "27 Dresses", which I mostly just found to be depressing. It had funny parts, but it was difficult to overcome my hatred of Katherine Heigl. Also, that whole "my life is empty because I'm not married" plot line can just STOP BEING USED any time now. It makes me so furious.

I still have Iron Man (seen it before) and Up (never saw it, crying is good for my eyes -- seriously) still to go. Also, if I make it to work tomorrow, I have season two of Burn Notice waiting to be picked up.

Y'all, this is my life. Old McDonald and listening to bad movies. Somehow I always thought adulthood would be different. ALAS.

I miss fic so freaking much. The other day I was depressed and upset, and not reading Big Bangs was actually one of the things I cried over. I know this is lame, but I LOVE BBs and I am so incredibly sad to be getting so far behind in reading them. It's a little crushing, honestly.

UHM. In better news, please allow me to draw your attention to schmoop_bingo. *cough*

Also? dugindeep wrote soccer!verse engagement fic. YES SHE DID. Happy place, for really real.

Both Miley Cyrus and Eminem have new albums out today and I want them both. (And really, doesn't that just sum up a lot about my personality?) Anybody have?

Yes, ok. So what else have I missed?
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