June 27th, 2010

SPN: Shenanigans

Picture a peaceful mountain stream. Now picture yourself drowning the kidnapper in the stream.

I was going to make a post apologizing for being such a crappy LJ friend, but frankly? I'm tired of saying that every other day, so I'm just not going to anymore. Instead, I'm just going to trust that you know that I know, and that you know it isn't personal. My eyes still only can tolerate about ten minutes straight staring at the computer and whenever I sit down, I end up spending about 9.5 of those ten minutes on BB admin stuff and the other 30 seconds frantically trying to read everything before my vision rebels.

I'm not complaining per se, just explaining. For real.


I got to spend Friday and Saturday with Addison and Drew and it was predictably amazing. Since Addison was a little, tiny girl, I've always asked her "who loves you the most?" and she'll break into a huge smile and holler "WENDY DOES!" and then give me a huge hug. It's pretty much my most favorite thing ever.


My parents kept Addison for two days last week and my Dad convinced her to answer with "Grandpa does!" instead of the CORRECT response. It's hilarious for many reasons, but mostly because when asked, Addison makes sure I'm paying attention and watching before she says "Grandpa does!" and then she breaks into a huge smile before I run over, scoop her up and tickle her silly until she relents. I think it's HILARIOUS that she wants to tease me and be sure she gets extra attention.

Also, my Dad said it took two full days to convince her to not say I loved her most, that she really, REALLY didn't want to answer anything else. Yes, I am smug.

Yesterday April and I took the kids to the Children's Museum, which was a blast. It was superhero day! We saw a presentation at the planetarium and Addison was entranced. I was surprised because I thought it maybe was a bit advanced for her, but no. She loved it!!

The museum has an outdoor area with water toys and such, and they have this little table for babies where they sit in little seats mounted in the table, and in front of them is a teeny splash pool (not even a quarter inch deep.) April stripped Drew to his diaper, plunked him in there, and he happily splashed for about 20 minutes straight. He thought it was the best new game EVER.

Y'all, I don't even know what else is going on. I'm watching a lot of Burn Notice. Cleaning out closets. Cooking. (Today I made fajita veggies, black beans and rice, and spaghetti, plus got all the fixings ready for a week of salads.)

Tomorrow I see my eye doc for a check-up and then I'm going into Arlington for a wee adventure that I don't want to talk about yet.

UHM. That is it! Is this pathetic or awesome? I'm torn!
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