July 3rd, 2010

SPN: Dean Sandwich

cherry cherry, boom boom

Yesterday my parents had Addison and Drew, so I went over there and exacted my revenge for the whole "who loves you the most?" debacle by teaching Addison to say "Grandpa is rotten!" on command. It's pretty much amazing.

Then, we forced Dad to take us to Purple Cow for lunch where I had the VERY BEST veggie burger I've eaten in some time. OMG, so good! Also, I got to feed french fries to Drew and purple ice cream to Addison, but not clean up after either. Bliss!

Today I already have returned stuff to the library, been to the post office, eaten breakfast, and gone to the local Farmer's Market where I bought amazing peaches, green beans, fresh-picked blueberries, zucchini, and organic dog treats! It was kind of an amazing experience.

Now? Tea and an attempt to read a Big Bang! WOO! Later today, I'm hoping to hang out with mandyremains, and still later then that, I want to paint my toenails (RED!) and watch the first season of Royal Pains.

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