July 8th, 2010

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

as long as the wrong feels right it's like I'm in flight

So! annkiri has been here visiting with me for a few days and we've been having our typical blast together. We ran 142 errands on Wednesday including an incredibly productive trip to Half Price Books where I sold back $25 worth of junk AND found a like-new copy of Looking for Alaska by John Green (the cashier was a Nerdfighter! We bonded!) AND Becca found her sister's birthday present, then we had yummy coffee at B&N, and then had a super fun trip to Target where I got an AWESOME new wallet (which apparently both B's sister and soylahtayplease also independently purchased) and Becca got several VERY cute sale price clothing items. It was a total win.

We also watched "Believe in Me" starring my new boyfriend Jeffrey Donovan and it was really good. We both cried. You should watch it too. (wickedsin: Based On A True Story.)

Saturday we are going to visit Addison and Drew and then get dinner with my brother and THEN we're going to roller derby! WOOOHOOO. Good times.

Today was my last day at the library and it was sad. I had tried to keep it a bit quiet but people still kept telling me good bye and giving me hugs, it was unexpectedly emotional. (And very, very nice.) Next week I think I may make and take them cupcakes. We'll see.

Next week I also am going to start working one day a week in the library at a community college in Fort Worth. Right now they've only committed to 15 hours (yes, total) but I feel certain they will decide I'm awesome and ask me to work more after that. We shall see! It's a great opportunity though because I've never worked at all in an academic setting, so it will be nice to try that venue out and see if/how I mesh.

And! The campus quite literally is one exit up the highway from my brother's house, which I will be moving into on July 30. (He'll be moved out and settled in Bandera by then.)

PHEW! I'm exhausted just thinking about it all! I'm scared about so much change all at once but also very pumped about the new opportunities I'll get to explore.

Tomorrow I'm taking Max and Val to the vet for check ups and then Becca and I will be reunited (she's spending tonight with her Aunt in FW), which is good because I MISS HER.

But for right now, I am going to watch bad reality TV and then fall into bed. Mmmmm, sleep. It is GOOD.
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