August 19th, 2010

Jensen is Busted! Spank Him!

I'm not a trick you play, I'm wired a different way

AHHHH! Life is moving to fast, yet also, nothing is happening. AT THE SAME TIME. It's bizarre.

Last week I spent two solid days reading kink meme fills. I just discovered the delicious! Kind of exciting. And oh so addicting.

Do you read the SPN kink memes? (There are two, I think.)


Have you ever discovered a new kink via the kink memes and mainlined all the fic you could find about it?

Yes! Mmm, new kinks.
No. I already know all my kinks, I don't need new ones.

Have you ever discovered a kink on the meme that you'd be embarrassed to discuss publicly? Tell me more!

WOOOO KINK MEMES. Just needed to get that out. Your thoughts?

Then, my parents and I drove over to College Station (four hours) for Drew's first birthday party. It was very fun.

Then, Addison came home with my mom and has been here all week. This also has been very fun, though exhausting. Tuesday we went to the Fort Worth Children's Museum, which was a blast but INSANE. The place was packed to the gills and there was no staff (or, apparently, parents) anywhere. All I could think about was Lord of the Flies. Crazy times.

Yesterday we went to Chuck E. Cheese. Also fun, also NUTTY TO THE MAX. I never have seen so many people crammed into one place at one time. 0_0 But, Addison loves to win tickets so we spent time doing that and she was able to "win" a toy and some candy, plus I got pizza and a Coke, so! Win.

Today I sadly cannot join in the fun times because I'm having dental work done this afternoon. Boooo. On the other hand though, it's being done by my new hottie dentist, so....maybe not a total BOO! Just a little baby boo.

IN OTHER NEWS, Big Bang posting ends tomorrow. I can't believe it! It's been a good summer. There are so many amazing fics and I always am in awe at the art. There's been minor drama and sooooo many pinch hitters (*weeps*) but overall I'm gonna go ahead and call it a summer of wonderful. YAY for awesome fic and art!

I couldn't read for most of July, which definitely put me behind, but I've been trying to mainline a fic or two every day since I moved. Let's go to my Official Chart and count...I've read 37 so far. PATHETIC! But I am determined to catch up.

How are YOU doing on your SPN J2 Big Bang reading?

How many Big Bangs have YOU read?


I'm going to read more today, you should too!

Tomorrow I'm going to lie around being pathetic and hung over from the laughing gas. Also, I'm going to initiate another round of Wendy Tries to Find a Job as I still don't have one and things are getting into dire straits. I filled out all of my paperwork to be a substitute teacher and still haven't gotten a call back. Who doesn't get a call back to be a SUB? I have a master's degree!! It's all a bit depressing, frankly.

*drinks more tea*

Have you read any good books lately? Tell me about them. How about movies? I haven't seen a movie in so long. *pines* Have you seen anything hilarious and happy-making? Tell me about it!
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