September 11th, 2010

SPN: Ouija Board Hands

I can hear the voices when I'm dreaming

From Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV preview issue...

Under the cut is some information about season six, mostly things we've already seen from other places. (Where does season six pick up? Is Dean settling down? What kind of monsters?)


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House Rules

Do you wanna do karate in the garage?

What's a good bottle of wine that's not too expensive?

And by "good," I mean "doesn't taste like alcohol or wine" and by "not too expensive" I mean "available at the grocery store."

Yesterday I got the notebook I won from apieceofcake in the help_pakistan auction. It is gorgeous! I'm very, very pleased.

Am feeling at really loose ends today, not sure why. Just restless and twitchy. I think I'm going to go and walk around Target a bit, just to work off the weird energy. Tell me some things I should look for while I'm there!


That is all.
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