September 19th, 2010

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

I was thinking about her, thinking about me

I have had a very social weekend, which is unusual for me!

Friday night I went to a birthday dinner for mkay9, which was awesome and super fun. I had veggie fajitas and that right there is enough to make me happy. Add in wonderful company too and it's a big win!

Saturday I went to a five-year-old's birthday party. There was both cake and pizza, which is pretty much all I require out of any day. Some of my most favorite people were there, including a friend's new baby who I hadn't previously met! Exciting! Usually I take Addison to Jordan's birthday parties (he is her future husband, after all), and I really, really missed having her there too.

But! I'm leaving on Tuesday to spend a week in San Antonio with Drew and Addison (and Andy and April too!) and it will be amazing and refreshing and wonderful. Cannot wait.

Today, a buddy and I checked out a flea market. I bought a lamp shaped like an elephant! Then we gorged ourselves at Sweet Tomatoes (always a positive) and she made me laugh a lot, while also saying her favorite thing about spending time together is that I make HER laugh. Win-win baby!

A woman called from Target asking me to call back about a possible interview. But! She didn't leave a number. Dear Target Lady: I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE. Hopefully she calls back, we shall see.

I currently have six books checked out from the library and seven of my holds are ready to be picked up. I'll never read all of these! Whhhyyyyy do I always request so many at one time? April says I hoard books, she is not wrong.

Big Bang reading continues to be amazing.

jencat004 is made ENTIRELY of amazingness. Just FYI.

lazy_daze and I have successfully outlined our Wincon panel, which pleases me.

Ohohoh! I know something I wanted to ask you guys! Not that anyone is reading down this far, but whatever. Let's talk about Direct TV. I have to have it where I live, there are no other options. So, I was entering in all my Fall shows (I just moved, which means the DVR is new, which means I have to put in EVERYTHING from scratch) and lo and behold, I hit a snag. Apparently it only will allow you to set up series recordings for 50 shows. WHAT THE WHAT. Unacceptable! Is there any way around that??? I am really, really displeased and unimpressed. Stupid Direct TV. *kicks it*

You know what I need in my life right now? Cinnamon rolls. *grabby hands* WAAANT.
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