September 21st, 2010

SPN: Sam is Tied Up

all of a sudden, there is not enough time

Waiting for 15 more minutes to pass so I can tag in the next salt_burn_porn person. Then I am going to:

1. Make scrambled eggs (because this literally is all I have in my fridge.)

2. Watch Biggest Loser. (YES.)

3. Watch Glee.

4. Fold laundry.

5. Pack.

I'm getting up very, very early tomorrow to go and spend a week with my niece and nephew (Ok, and their parents. And MY parents too.) It will be stressful but amazing.

I am missing the SPN premiere (*whimper*) but will watch when I get back. What else can I do?

Try not to burn down the internet while I'm gone. *blows kisses*
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