September 28th, 2010

SPN: Sam Book

there’s something in this book we don’t want you to know about

If you are going to wincon and haven't yet signed up to man the registration table, please take a look at this post. There are a mere 18 spots left and I need your help! Go sign up!

Earlier today I saw this random fan pic of hiatus!Jared (with a beard!), Genevieve and an older woman. And, they just looked so HAPPY, and it made ME happy! And, I don't know. Like, I understand that it's a weird melding of fandom and reality, but there was a period of time when Jared just really didn't seem very upbeat about life in general, and it makes me really and truly stoked that he seems so happy now, especially since his marriage. I love that Gen seems to have made him so content. It's validating in some weird celebrity-worshiping way.

When I was in SA, my brother played a random sitcom that he'd TIVOed. Turned out to be Better With You starring the fabulous Kurt Fuller. It was hilarious and Kurt was awesome. It's typical sitcom stuff, but I'll definitely be watching again. I just freaking love Kurt Fuller. Love!

Did you all hear about the shooting on the UT campus? Really scary stuff that hits a bit close to home. The news is reporting that the (now dead) gunman was 19 years old, which is a tragedy all on its own, on many levels.

I've heard from annkiri, phaballa and ofenjen, all of whom are fine and safe. *clings to them*

This is Banned Books Week, so here's ALA's Top Ten Most Frequently Challenged Books from 2009.

Some factoids, because I love a list!

Over the past nine years, American libraries were faced with 4,312 challenges.

  • 1,413 challenges due to "sexually explicit" material
  • 1,125 challenges due to "offensive language"
  • 897 challenges due to material deemed "unsuited to age group"
  • 514 challenges due to "violence"
  • 344 challenges due to "homosexuality"
  • 109 materials were challenged because they were "anti-family"
  • 269 were challenged because of their "religious viewpoints"

    Today I sat in on a webcast about Banned Books that really was interesting. When the archive is posted, I'll link it. But the highlight was that Judy Blume spoke during the presentation. She was a bit late to the call because she was in New Mexico on a casting call for the movie version of Tiger Eyes. That is my all time favorite Judy Blume book so I am STOKED to learn it's being put on film. SUPER COOL.

    During the presentation Judy spoke about her decision to use the word "fuck" one time in Here's to You, Rachel Robinson. She talked about how her publisher told her it was her decision to use the word or not, but that she'd lose all her book club and book fair sales if she did. She really wrestled with the decision, but in the end felt the word was justified and served a specific point to the plot. Her son told her "You're Judy Blume! If you back down now, what message are you sending to all the other authors in the world?"

    She left the word in the book, and did in fact lose all her book club and fair sales contracts.

    While telling the story, Judy was so passionately defending her choice that she was moved to tears and actually had to step away from the phone for a second. It was extremely impactful. It made me so PROUD to be a librarian, it was an emotional moment for everyone, I think.
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