September 29th, 2010

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

U.S. History? Crap, I forgot I was taking that.

In wincon news:

  • Have you voted in the dinner poll for Sunday yet? It closes at 8 p.m. CST today, so...let your opinion be heard!

  • There only are FIVE spots left at the registration desk! Once again, fandom's willingness to GET THINGS DONE amazes me. Hopefully we can get those last five spots filled ASAP. Have you signed up yet?

    In other news (what other news?)...

    Today I got a fabulous haircut from a stylist mkay9 recommended. She was adorable, talked to me about tattoos, and did a stellar job on my haircut, with minimal input from me. (Which is like, my DREAM.) She tweaked my color a little and described it as "edgier but still very conservative," which, one the one hand, makes me laugh. But on the other, it's pretty much the perfect description of my ENTIRE LIFE.

    Yesterday evening, I went for a short walk since the weather was so pretty. It was nice. Half the street was in shade, which was a nice surprise! Just moving a little made me feel quite accomplished.

    Earlier, in the car, I heard a radio ad for this week's Project Runway. They teased a big secret and it sounds like it's coming from Mondo. (Though, of course, who knows how these things are edited.) I'm DYING to know the spoiler...anyone have scoop?

    This entire post is just fragments of sentences, connected by commas. 0_0
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