October 21st, 2010

Rainbow Stripes of Color

I'll meet you in the lobby

I have important news! NINE DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY! I am very excited.

Yesterday my mother told me something was amaaaaaaazing. I laughed.

Recently I got a letter from the doctor's office saying that my blood work had come back showing a major vitamin D deficiency and that it was vital I be seen ASAP. Went in and the doc's advice? "Take a supplement." OK, easy enough, but were the neon flashing letters, whooping sirens, and ALERT! ALERT! banners really necessary on the letter? He also bumped up my thyroid medicine, which seems like a never-ending process. Fingers crossed.

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Today I am FINALLY going to catch up on emails and laundry and TV watching and everything else that hasn't been done yet. If you get bored, come gab with me, I'll be around!
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