October 27th, 2010

SPN: FBI Badges

experience in bureaucracy

Today I went to fix my driver's license, which still says I wear corrective lenses even though I no longer do. They made me take a vision test and though it was very blurry on the right side and I 100 percent guessed at the last four letters, she still passed me.

Think about THAT while you're out on the highway.

I haven't had a new license picture since 2000 when I had super short hair. I no longer look like that picture and everyone comments on it. I'm weirdly sad to lose it, but picked out a cute shirt and was ready to have a new one done. Then, this happened:

DMV person: OK, look at the blue circle and smile!
DVM person: Your eyes were closed. Try again.
DMV person: Oh that's super cute, you're going to be really pleased.
*she types on computer*
DMV person: Whoops. Hit the wrong thing. You'll have to take one more. Smile!
DMV person: Well. I've seen worse. $11 please!
Me: ....

And sure enough, I have crazy eyes, a huge double chin, and the picture is cropped so that I look naked. SIGH.

Also, the last time I was in a DMV, we didn't have to give fingerprints. Those "new" machines are nifty! Are the prints actually on licenses now? I had no idea.

The whole experience took 15 minutes total, which included me filling out a form and a bathroom break (mandated by my bladder, not the state.) Everyone gripes about the DMV but my trip was easy-peasy! Think I can avoid it for ten more years?
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