November 2nd, 2010

Teddy Bear Glasses

downgraded to a human being

Well, I've been in absolute denial about this for months, but now it's actually happening so I guess I have to face it.

I'm going in tomorrow to have an "enhancement" done on my right eye. (Isn't it CUTE that that's what it's called?) I'm measuring 20/50 in that eye and having trouble focusing on things. The surgeon thinks he can make it better, so...we'll see.

I had a vision check done Monday and the eye doc said my eyes were completely clear, which is the first time they've been haze-free since I had the original surgery done in June. This is important as it means my eyes finally (FINALLY) have healed a bit. I had all the pre-op stuff done today and was cleared for the procedure tomorrow.

Everyone tells me the recovery this time will be much easier. As I was promised an easy recovery the first time too, and didn't get it, (it was seven days before I could drive and six weeks before I could spend more than just a few minutes looking at a computer screen), I am ok with admitting that my anxiety is high. I know I'm being dramatic but can't really seem to help it.

Anyway, regardless I will be offline for a bit. Good thoughts tomorrow would be much appreciated!
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