November 4th, 2010

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

I can do it better

Hey all, it's ME! Yesterday was relatively easy. I wasn't as numb as I'd have liked for the surgery, and the Valium made me uber-sick (I did fine with it last time) but other then that, the whole experience was easy-peasy. I had nearly no post-surgery pain, I could see well enough to drive about an hour after it all was over (note: I did NOT drive, but I COULD have if pressed), and could already tell my vision was improved.

Today I had my one day check-up and the eye doc measured me at 20/15 in my good eye and 20/20 in the new-and-improved eye. Considering they expect that number to improve with time, I'm pretty freaking stoked. I also was having some trouble focusing with the right eye and that seems to be mostly fixed now too.

SO! I am super relieved and very happy. Thanks so much for all your positive vibes guys. They made such a difference. jeeronie wished me "courage" and for whatever reason, that word really has stuck in my head. New watchword, perhaps?

Speaking of, I haven't forgotten about doing birthday goals. One of the things I've been thinking about a lot lately is being more fabulous (for lack of a better word.) There are some women on my flist who have just opened up and absolutely soared this year (moonmelody and rivers_bend are two that immediately spring to mind). I am envious of them in all the best ways. I suspect my personal brand of being amazing will come through different methods (make-up is not for me, for example, and no matter how shiny I feel, I'm still broke), but I truly want to focus on living life to the fullest and finding new ways to become even more ME. I mean, I already love who I am, but more awesome is more awesome, yes?

OK, so now I want to know....what makes YOU fabulous?
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