November 27th, 2010

Coffee Teacups Stacked

whatever's meant to be will work out perfectly

Had a very nice Thanksgiving Day with my parents. Here's what my plate looked like. YUM. I ate a near replica of this for lunch today and it still was very good!

Then we went and saw Deathly Hallows, which I also enjoyed a great deal. I literally felt like about ten minutes had passed and the whole thing was over! It just sucked me right in! Cannot wait for the next one.

I went shopping on Black Friday and unexpectedly had a blast! I got Addison's Christmas present, and my Mom's. I ordered Andy and April's and Drew's. Now, I just need an idea for my Dad and I will be DONE! I also got books for the kids (HPB was having a 20 percent off sale, you can't beat that!) and a completely ridiculous pair of pink footie pajamas for Addison. I hope she'll at least wear them long enough for a picture.

Then, I hopped over to Goodwill and got this spectacular purse, which is so much more awesome than the picture even shows. The handle has chain between the silver strip and the rings. I love it A LOT and am considering carrying it all the time, even to like, the grocery store. Why not?

I also got this amazing cherry picture, which fits perfectly in my cherry-themed kitchen. I am quite pleased.

This morning I watched Ramona and Beezus on DVD and it was delightful. Seriously, I don't want to overpromote it, but I truly cannot remember the last time watching a movie made me feel that good. I loved it! And if I teared up a few times, despite myself...well. That is no one's business but my own.

I really, really want a cup of tea, but I have made THREE already today and then gotten distracted and let all three go stone cold. BLAH.

Am feeling sort of frustrated with a couple of things and am just fighting the urge to throw in the towel. Trying to keep a positive attitude can be exhausting. But (and I know this is a shocking revelation), I keep discovering that if I let things sit for a bit before acting, I get such better results. Sometimes, once my rage-ey feelings fade, I don't even WANT to take action anymore. Amazing.

I really want an icon that represents "family". I've been on the look out but haven't seen one that appeals. Any suggestions?

Here, have a song.
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