November 30th, 2010


the club can't even handle me right now

Flist, I need your help. I accidentally washed a white sweater and a black sweater together and now, predictably, the white sweater is covered in black fuzz and the black sweater is covered in white fuzz. SIGH. I washed both again individually...did not help. I dried each individually for a few minutes along with a piece of dryer sheet...did not help.

Any ideas on how to fix this?? HELP.

In other, MUCH BETTER NEWS! annkiri is coming to see me! Today! Spontaneously! I am super excited, MY WEEK IS MADE.

My Our plans include:
-Hawaii 5-0 marathon
-Possibly a Sherlock Holmes marathon
-Dinner with my parents
-Mellow Mushroom
-Christmas shopping
-Seeing a movie (suggestions?)
-Puppy snuggles
-A tour of my "new" house
-Forcing local fangirls to have dinner with us (anyone up for it?)
-Alcohol (suggestions?)

Any suggestions for enhancing the above are encouraged and will be considered thoroughly.

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SPN: We have guns and we will find you

(no subject)

All of a sudden, the default font on my lifejournal pages is different. I'm not sure if I accidentally changed it, or if LJ did. But I DO NOT LIKE IT. Any idea how to change it back? (Change it back to WHAT, I have no idea.)

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