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December 22nd, 2010 - follow the road that leads away from everything — LiveJournal
I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.
I have many things to tell you, but none of them go together, so this will be yet another very disjointed entry. AREN'T YOU EXCITED!

Yesterday my mom bought a new car, a Lexus SUV. I haven't seen it yet, but will become intimately acquainted when we drive it to San Antonio Friday. But anyway, it has an ipod connector, so I decided to put together a playlist of Christmas and holiday tunes. I'm already over eleven hours. ELEVEN HOURS!! It only is a five hour drive, so, uhm. We're set?

A buddy and I went and say Megamind the other day. It was very cute and I laughed a lot. It's worth a Netflix! I also have Despicable Me to take along this weekend. I think Addison is old enough to sit for it, we'll see!

OK, here are two things I really, really want to share with you guys...

The other day, I was getting dressed and this song came on the radio. I'd never heard it before but it really got into my brain. I (this is not an exaggeration) sat right down on the floor and just stared at the radio so I could focus on the words.

It was Maybe by Sick Puppies.

So why does it feel so wrong
To reach for something more
To want to live a better life
What am I waiting for?
'Cause nothing stays the same
Maybe it's time to change...

full lyricsCollapse )


And lastly, I love this and it will be my mantra for 2011.

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For __tiana__, florahart, raeschae, and ME!

When I was in Las Vegas, we ran across a strip club called The Library. (Tagline: "It's a learning experience.") This was the street sign, which I fell in love with and wanted to share with all my library buddies!

Icons anyone?

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"No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you."
--Althea Gibson
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