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Yesterday I was chatting with beckaandzac about the story time I was about to do and we both mutually swooned over The Library Lion by Michelle Knudson (a book I originally discovered via __tiana__), and I just got so EXCITED and AMPED, and it turned out to be a really fun story time and I know it was because Becka got me all hyped up first.

I also have mainlined all the Parks and Recreation episodes that exist. The first season was so bad. But it did grow on me a lot. To be honest, I was won over when they introduced the rivalry between the Parks Department and the Library. Because, that is real. But then my love was cemented forever by Leslie's I'm Just a Girl speech from the hunting episode. And now I am LITERALLY obsessed. It is such a smart, fun show.

In less fun news, I have had a constant headache for a long time now. I think perhaps it's eye strain? Awesome. I have an appointment at the eye doc tomorrow so we shall see what we shall see. (Get it??) If he tells me to go back into glasses, I will punch someone.
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