March 9th, 2011

Jared Padahipbone

Come Inside: Jared Plays Basketball!

At one of the cons (Dallas, maybe?), Jared said he'd wanted to focus more on playing sports but that his brother was a big jock, so he chose something different in order to stand out. Seems to have turned out ok for him, yeah?

Anyway, yesterday obstinatrix said this:
So, you know how Jensen was LEGIT A CHEERLEADER when he was in high school, and Jared was on the basketball team? Why aren't there any fics in which JENSEN IS A CHEERLEADER AND JARED IS ON THE BASKETBALL TEAM? Is it because basketball games don't have cheerleaders? Or are there, in fact, loads of these fics and I'm missing them? If so, links would be most welcome.
Now, I can recall lots of sports AUs, but none where Jared plays basketball and Jensen is a cheerleader. Have YOU seen any?

If none exist, THEY SHOULD. I want to read this like crazy all of a sudden!

Need inspiration?

Let's have a look at Jared playing basketball...

Collapse )

Apparently, in the off season BB!Jared plays baseball. Who knew?

Collapse )

*makes grabby hands*

Aaaannnnd, a bonus, from me to you: Talk Dirty to Me: Ten Filthy-Sounding Sports Terms

ETA: Jensen's cheerleader pics are in the comments!
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