March 11th, 2011

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Recently I've done a little defriending, mostly of people who I haven't talked to in a long time, or people who seem to have disappeared. There's no bad will on my end -- it literally is me, not you! If you want to talk, please PM or email me.

If you're currently wishing that I had defriended you too, please (PLEASE) let me know via PM or by unfriending me yourself. I'll quietly follow suit, no drama and no worries.

To be clear, I hope everyone sticks around as I love you all! But sometimes people grow apart and that's ok too.
Be Better Than You Were Yesterday

Lottery Winners Give It All Away

This seriously is one of the coolest things I've read lately.

Allen and Violet Large (75 and 78, respectively), won $11.2 million in the lottery -- and gave every penny away. The couple says they always intended to do so, and I love that they followed through. They say they don't need money, they just need each other. ♥

Read about what they did with the cash in four months, be inspired!

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