March 30th, 2011

SPN: Dean Coffee

small things matter

The other day I got to work super early for various annoying reasons and since I was still fighting the grumpiness, I decided that instead of going in early and just hanging around that I would walk around downtown a little. I eventually found my way to Starbucks. (I randomly feel the need to disclaim that I did not buy coffee.) I wandered inside and was looking at their mugs. I love SB's mugs. They're always big and heavy and cool. Unfortunately they also always are very, very expensive, so I never buy them.

Anyway, they had this one cool mug for tea that was a great size and had ZEN (for the green tea, I assume) on the side. It also had a lid-thing that sits on top so you can hold the steam in while brewing. I picked it up and the lid slid right off onto the floor and shattered into a million pieces.

I immediately was like, "YES I BROKE IT" and started picking up the pieces. One of the baristas came over to help, and when I handed him the mug, I noticed it was marked down and said something to the effect of "Well, at least it's on sale. SIGH."

He said, "What do you care? You're not paying for this." Then he handed it off to the other barista who took it into the back. I was like...huh? and offered again to pay. He again, said no.

I was shocked, and said so. He went on to tell me a story about how he had only been working at the store for two weeks and was cleaning late one night. He slid on the wet floor and hit a display table covered in mugs. He broke twelve. So, he was like, "No matter how bad you feel right now, I was worse! But now it's FUNNY!" And y'all, the way he told the story WAS funny.

I went into that Starbucks in a crabby mood. I broke a freaking cup. And I left feeling like a million bucks. That barista completely turned my mood around.

Now, how awesome is that?
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