April 27th, 2011

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

dream a little dream for me

OK, so you guys probably know by now that juice817 has entered a contest to record the real and official audio book of American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Round One requires online voting, which is where you come in!

The registration process is simple and non-evasive, and you can vote once a day until May 2.


She has to make the Top 20 to advance to the next round, so come on folks! It's time to get involved and make it happen.

This is one of our own dreaming a big dream, so I'm pretty invested in fandom doing its part to help her success. Juice's awesome podfics are at audio_by_juice and at the audiofic archive.

Let's DO THIS y'all! GO VOTE!
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Coffee Teacups Stacked

she's different, so you have to be different

When you're really excited about something, why is there always someone who wants to stomp on it?

Had a great first day yesterday. I really like my manager and I love the work. Lots of opportunities to be creative and to do my own thing.

The branch is small, there only are about 15 employees total. They've all been together since the branch opened last year and are a tight bunch. I feel I may have trouble wiggling my way in, but I WILL GET IN. Even if I have to bribe every single one with cookies!

Today is my late night, always fun in the morning and torture in the evening, so...off I go!

Be nice to each other today, yeah?

P.S. I want to see your icons from the Western episode. SHOW ME. (Bonus stars to any "giant from the future" references!)
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