May 29th, 2011


no one can change your life except for you

OH TODAY! You are my favorite.

I spent my morning drinking tea from my favorite mug and re-reading old J2 fic that made me all schmoopy inside.

Then, I went to Goodwill to look for some specific things, all of which I found: a muffin tin with no seams (seams rust in the dishwasher), heavy butter knives (where have all mine gone???), a plate and bowl to leave at work (I like to eat off real dishes, ok?) and some shallow bowls of a certain size to use when I eat yogurt and blueberry muffins (they are turquoise!)

(Am I the only person who has specific dishes for specific food? I have a spaghetti bowl, a mac and cheese bowl, an ice cream bowl, yogurt-only bowls, etc.)

Then I went to the grocery store. I can eat next week, which I find thrilling.

And THEN I went and saw Bridesmaids, which was outlandish and offensive and hilarious. And I will admit that my BFF and I also had a very elaborately choreographed car-routine to Hold On by Wilson Phillips. True fact.


P.S. drvsilla? The M&Ms did not melt in the car. But I sort of wish they HAD so I could try your solution. I put the ziplock into the freezer anyway and will report back!
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