June 20th, 2011

Converse Big and Little

nothing at all

Had an awesome time with Addison and Drew yesterday. Baby Drew has become a little boy! He and I are not super close because he moved away when he was so little, but we bonded and when I told him goodbye, he true facts burst into tears and latched onto my leg, just like in the movies. AWWW. He does love me! He also will say "Hi Wendy!" on command and it is pretty much amazing.

Addison has moved past her toddler-ness to become this sweet, smile-filled little girl. She informed me that she was almost four and then she would be five and that five was REALLY old!

My mom and I took the kids to Target, just to get out of the house, and we each had a basket with one kid in it. After Addison asked for the nine millionth thing (because Grandma will never tell her no) this happened:

Me: You are so spoiled!
Addison: I'm not spoiled, YOU are spoiled!
Me: Oh yeah? Well, YOU are rotten!
Addison: I'm not rotten, YOU are rotten!
Me: I'm rotten and spoiled???
Addison: Yes!
Me: Then what are YOU?
Addison: I'm just plain Addison!

COME ON NOW! But the best part was later when I was telling my Dad this story and Addison piped up after I was done and said, "Oh yeah, and I'm pretty too." YES YOU ARE BABY.

I don't want them to ever leave. *sniffle*

In other news, I passed my teacher test! Barely, but a passing score is a passing score and I am so grateful and thankful that I don't have to EVER TAKE IT AGAIN, yes!!

Happy Monday y'all.
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