July 8th, 2011

Rainbow Painted

hello, how are you?

My profile page is covered in kisses! I like it!

I keep feeling like I have nothing to update about but, you know, I used to just talk about my day and that was fine, so I'm going to do that again.

Yesterday I went to a new dentist due to a teeny insurance snafu. (*pines for Hot Dentist*) Anyway, the new guy looked exactly like Johnny Cash, complete with pompadour. It was BIZARRE. And his receptionist looked like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show. I swear, I was looking for hidden cameras! But he seemed fairly knowledgeable and the appointment only cost me $5, so there you go!

Then, I went across the street to eat at Rosa's Cafe, which I have become weirdly addicted to. It's just fast food Mexican, but it's gooooood. And cheap! I like cheap! I had nachos with a bunch of veggies added on, and water, and two tortillas (made from scratch!) and my bill was $4.50. *rubs belly*

Then I came home (after stopping to get groceries) and made a couple of phone calls and changed clothes. Jetted out to Hurst to meet a library buddy for dinner. We had a good time catching up and gossiping. She chose Souper Salad and it was AWFUL. And it cost $7.50 on top of that, which annoyed me because I could have an actual dinner for eight bucks! BLAH!

THEN, I came home again and watched some TV and folded laundry and then I took a shower and went to bed. PHEW!

And some point yesterday, I also talked very briefly with my Mom, who said they are enjoying Alaska. She sounded exhausted though. My brother has been texting me pictures of mountains and they are really beautiful.

Today at the library, we're having yet another program. I hope it will go smooth. I'm too tired for drama!

Big Bang proceeds at pace. Have you been reading?

I love to make To Do lists. I think everyone knows this about me by now. HEH. But this morning I was thinking about how I go through phases with my lists. Sometimes I want them in a spiral, sometimes on a legal pad, sometimes in a little notebook I keep in my bag, sometimes just on scratch paper...and whatever phase I'm in at the moment, NO OTHER MEDIUM WILL DO. It's just a waste of time to even write it down until I do it right. The way brains work are weird sometimes!

My BFF got us tickets to see Harry Potter the Sunday after it opens. I am very excited!

Now. You go make a post alllll about your day. I challenge you! I want to know everything that happened! Give me all the details!
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